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3 Winners: 1st: Tobii Eye Tracker, 2nd: Ballista w/LTI, 3rd: Syulen Package w/LTI and Game
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How to earn tickets

500 tickets for every sub

500 tickets for every gifted sub

100 tickets per 100 bits

Every 5 minutes tickets are given out accordingly:

+1 Ticket for everyone

+2 Tickets for Subscribers

+5 Tickets for Active Viewers

+5 Tickets for Active Subscribers

so every 5 minutes an active subscriber gets 13 tickets.

An Active viewer is someone who has participated in chat in the last 15 minutes. This includes chat, commands, follows, subs, bits, and channel point redemptions. Subscribers watching are always considered active


Winners for giveaway do NOT have to be present.

All prizes have a minimum of 1 month or next giveaway cooldown whatever is longer.Cooldown means ineligible to win standard giveaways during that time. Still eligible for any "special" giveaways. All values are based on current value.

Tier 1 - Less then $75 value - 1 Month or next giveaway cooldown whichever is longer

Tier 2 - $75 to $115 - 2 Months or next 2 giveaways cooldown whichever is longer

Tier 3 - Greater than $115 - 3 Months or next 3 giveaways cooldown whichever is longer


Winner(s) will be whispered via Twitch and only Twitch. Winner(s) must respond within 48 hours. Once the prize is sent the winner has 1 week to collect otherwise will be cancelled.

Right to change giveaway at any time. Giveaways illegal where it is not legal. Must be 18+ to participate.

Giveaways can change at any time without reason.